Working Papers & Papers under Review

Ainsley, Caitlin. 2019. “The Consequences of Gender Diversity at the Federal Reserve: An Empirical Analysis of FOMC Voting and Discourse.” (pdf)

Ainsley, Caitlin. 2019. “Decentralized Central Banks: Political Ideology and the Federal Reserve System of Regional Banks.” (pdf)

Ainsley, Caitlin. 2019. “Investment in Financial Literacy and the Conditions for Upstream Spillovers.” (pdf)

Ainsley, Caitlin, Cliff Carrubba, Brian Crisp, Betul Demirkaya, Matthew Gabel, and Dino Hazdic. 2018. “Roll Call Vote Selection: Implications for the Study of Legislative Politics.”

Ainsley, Caitlin. 2018. “Strategic Regulation of Alternative Currencies.”

Ainsley, Caitlin. 2018. “Institutional Transparency and the Freedom of (Mis-) Information: Results from a Natural Experiment in Brazil.”