Working Papers & Papers under Review

Institutional Transparency and the Freedom of (Mis-)Information: Results from a Natural Experiment in Brazil. (pdf)

The Consequences of Diversity at the Federal Reserve: An Empirical Analysis of FOMC Voting and Discourse. (pdf)

A Defense of Decentralized Central Banking Systems: Public Opinion, Political Ideology and the Democratic Legitimacy of Central Banks. (pdf)

Investment in Financial Literacy and the Conditions for Upstream Spillovers. (pdf)

The future matters: Judicial preferences and decision-making on collegial courts. (with Cliff Carrubba and Georg Vanberg) (pdf)

The Perils of Using Roll-Call Vote Results to Study Representation. (with Cliff Carrubba, Matt Gabel, Brian Crisp, Betul Demirkaya, and Dino Hazdic)